Massacres au Soudan : les rappeurs manifestent leur soutien au peuple

Alors que le Soudan vit des heures particulièrement sombres, de nombreux artistes et personnalités, français comme américains, ont manifesté leur soutien au peuple.

En proie à une grave crise politique depuis la démission du président Omar El Bashir, le Soudan vit actuellement une situation particulièrement grave. Alors que l’armée a pris le pouvoir depuis, le peuple souhaite, lui, la mise en place d’un gouvernement civil et l’a exprimé à plusieurs reprises en organisant de nombreuses manifestations. L’horreur va alors se produire le lundi 3 juin quand, à l’issue d’une manifestation, les militaires vont recevoir l’ordre de disperser les participants en tirant dans la foulée, provoquant la mort de plus de 100 personnes. Une situation qui émeut évidemment de très nombreuses personnalités, en Europe comme aux Etats-Unis. C’est ainsi que des internautes ont mis une photo de profil bleue, symbolisant la mort de Mohamed Mattar, un étudiant londonien abattu lors de la manifestation.

D’autres comme Rihanna, SZA ou Neyo ont publié des messages appelant la communauté internationale à agir pour mettre un terme aux massacres et autres pillages.


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It took me a minute to fully wrap my head around and educate myself on this. This needs to be heard. By EVERYONE… The internet in Sudan has been blacked and blocked out in efforts to keep this vital and cruel information from the rest of the world. It makes my heart so heavy to think about the men and women in Sudan, being beaten, murdered, raped, and oppressed like this. Human beings. They are just like me and you. They want to live a good life, with their families and not be punished because of that. Nobody deserves this kind of torture and we need to show Sudan that we are here for the them and aware of the changes that need to happen. Women are being raped with their underwear publicly hung in the streets. Men being shot at with guns and not able to defend themselves…Children without their parents ..It really breaks my heart to think about that. This is happening in our world RIGHT now and we can not silence ourselves. This needs to get the attention that the people of Sudan deserve. I will be adding some websites to my story on how we can help. Donating or even just raising awareness helps, and if we all come together; we can make a difference. We love you and hear you Sudan. 😔💔 This is not to blame anyone , this is to only help those in need. I love everyone in this world , we need to work together.

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#Prayforsudan They need our attention!!! ❤️🌏💔 🇸🇩

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Senseless murder and tragedy seems to be at our fingertips every single day. We’ve grown so desensitized to the violence that we usually scroll past and stay quiet. To any and all Sudanese people going through the atrocities currently at hand, we see you and I send you all of my light and prayers. There is an attack on the civilian population by the military forces. Women and men and children being raped, tortured and murdered. It is our responsibility as a global community to be aware, educate ourselves and be loud as hell when we demand something be done. I send light to all who have family members over there who have been hurt or cannot be reached. I can’t imagine the fear and pain going through everyone’s hearts. My heart feels so heavy for this all, for the state of humanity, for the not so unfamiliar face of genocide and massacre. I’m at a loss. Please sign the petition in my story if you can take a moment.

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