All Ice On Me (Disc 2 Intro)

2 Chainz

Album All Ice On Me: Disc 2


Yeah, it’s hard to explain it
The feeling I have when I’m on stage man


They turn the lights down
And open the curtains
And all the fans stand up and they start roaring
Go Tity Boi

Technikz and 2 Chainz talking

Technikz, Technikz, what’s hadenin?
What up Tit, my bad big dog
I got okay with the music but uh
What’s hadenin
Go ahead talk to the streets my nigga

2 Chainz talking

My dawg, I wanna appreciate everybody
That’s wathing, paying attention, you know what I’m saying
Saying what’s going on with the Duffle Bag Boys and Playaz Circle
I mean that’s what this whole mixtape is about
All Ice On Me
It ain’t about me drinking


Oh no, oh no, we not bragging on this one, in the


It’s just a lot of people who doing they thang
They trying to see what’s going on over here
I wanna tell ya I appreciate
(Helicopter sounds)
We take off on the way dawg
Flight 360 man
None more, None less, you dig
Dolla I see you nigga, you know we doing on the south side
Getting them checks homie

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