Beautiful Pain

2 Chainz


Intro: 2 Chainz

Beautiful… Pain

Verse 1: 2 Chainz

Niggas studying shawty know what a hundred do
Actually the nigga backing me is right in front of you
Raising a daughter sometimes depending what her father do
Niggas stunt on you, front on you
Niggas can’t even ball but bunt on you, them niggas lame
I hope you get testicular cancer in the brain, dickhead
By the time you get that
I be somewhere with a six pack and a six pack
Her lips and her hips thick
My boxers are covered in her lipstick
Her pussy fat but ain’t good, so that’s a misprint
I’m a misfit, I did it and beyond
Shiny watch look like the old Diddy on my arm
Highly flammable, barely keep getting in Canada
Run this rap shit, I got stamina
You an amateur, I aim at ‘cha, I bang at ‘cha, hope a plane hit ‘cha
Fuck you and whoever came witcha
Trying to express the beautiful pain witcha
Like a tattoo of a framed picture
Of a dead homie, maybe a family member
I got some gambling scriputres like um

Bridge: 2 Chainz

Scared money don’t make no money
Bet now motherfucker gonna take them from me
Got ounces of loud you can hear me smoking
I be coughing on the crowd you can hear me choking nigga

Hook: Lloyd

Oh I feel so fly
Came so far, but I still wanna fly
So come on in this car, this yacht, this plane
See what this beautiful pain, provide
Baby look into my eyes

Verse 2: Ma$e

Shamon.. hm-mmm
You talk about hurting try washing clothes with no detergent
Daddy deserted so now we syrup sandwich serving
Dreaming we had a furnace so cold sleeping on the curtains
What can I say it got me highly motivated, mama two job working
But now the companies are merging
Need a two week notice before they say don’t need your service
I’m too young to have burdens, but still feel I should be further
But who I’m I kidding I had bridges but I just burned them
My mama need earnings, ain’t had no time I had learning
Call me a hypocrite, backslider, you name it I done heard it
The way they speak of me you think I’m already murdered
It’s hard to be laid back, my haters so assertive, but
I gave my life up, I gave my rights up
I gave my dice up and I gave my dykes up
I gave my vice up and every club that lights up
And this is were the intern with no perm lights up

Interlude: Ma$e

You don’t see my pain
I guess it’s beautiful pain
It gotta be beautiful pain
Sometime you don’t gotta say much

Verse 3: Lloyd

Life is a game of inches
Every move leads to something better
There is no time to play the benches
Gotta get in the game and live forever, and ever

Interlude x5

I’ll be the man or I rather die

Bridge + Hook

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