Blue Dolphin

2 Chainz

Album Trapavelli Tre

Verse 1: 2 Chainz

I mind fucked an intellectual
Had sex with her on my sectional
Slowed it down, take it extra slow
Bust on myself like Plaxico
Oh alright here I go
Shorty got my love in the finger fold
I got a manicure, pedicure
I got her hair done and credit card new
I’m balling on her big time
Told shorty I’m 6’5″
Stand up on my bankroll, make me look like I’m 6’9″
She look like she been fine
She always call me big time
Pinky ring on, you should see the way I sip wine
I’m maestro in the main suite
Make a side chick out your main squeeze
Better hop on board ‘fore the train leave
Shorty outta place cause I slang D
And I’m changes need my chain freeze
Meant to say my chain froze
Everytime I change clothes

Hook: Betty Idol

Cherish the game
When we fly far away
Sky dive in a puddle of mud
Make it rain blue dolphin
All I see is blue dolphin

Verse 2: 2 Chainz

I like when she smile
She like when I make her smile
She like when I put it down
She like when I come in town
I like when she on the brown
She like when I’m on the loud
Seen her take some coke then smile
Seen her take a perc then pow
Birkin bag see no salt
All on the beach with toes out
All on the beach sea gulls out
All in the jeep windows down
Where I come from the Regals out
She knows I turn up on the molly
She doing string thing for money
I’m trying to put it in her tummy
I might whisper in her earlobe
I’m blowing kisses in her earlobe
I’m telling things she ain’t built for
Money long as Lincoln Continentals
Codeine with a touch of Sprite
Geeked up for a hundred nights
I’m a roll had a Cuban link
In a figaro this a finger roll


(Musical Break)


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