2 Chainz

Album T.R.U. Jack City

Hook – 2 Chainz

Swipping and swapping the foreigns (x2)
You niggas cannot ignore it
I’m swippin’ and swappin’ the foreigns
Swipping and swapping the foreigns (x4)

(Verse: 2 Chainz)
I’m swipping and swapping the foreigns
Might go to church in some Jordans
I might go buy me a chopper
Then I’mma buy me a lawyer
I got a check from the barn
I got a neck full of bone
I got a neck full of Bentley
Maserati on my arm
I get that bread in the morning
Somebody pass the croissants
Somebody pass me a lighter
Somebody pass me a joint
I’m using my rap for intimidation
Using my gat for a demonstration
If my car ever got impounded
It would be locked up for illegal immigration
That’s a small thing to a Godzilla
Got me more bars than a bartender
I met a car dealer, my car came with wine
And yours came with some malt liquor
Swipping and swapping the pack suit
I wish I had me some ack
The bitch that I’m with is foreign
On our first day I had took her to sex

Verse 2: Skooly

Swipping and swapping the foreigns
Balenciaga performer
I think it’s time for war
I might go battle in my armor
And if I kill you, it’s karma
I will not tolerate shit
The youngin be thugging his own


Advise you not to get hit
I do this shit for my momma
I been in this shit since pajamas
These niggas don’t mean me no harm
You come any closer you’re gonna need arms
I promise, because niggas ain’t seeing me really
I ride the choppa to Denis
And they say the choppa be kissing
Don’t play, you’ll be left with the hickies
I beat up the bully
Hopped in the bed with a witch
Switch up on all of you niggas
My bitch is foreign
She always touring, she bored
Might have to switch up the foreign on bitches
Fucking with Chainz
Might gonna see me on tour-ling, nigga
He put them forgies on everythang
Even the spinner, goddamn!


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