Makin It Werk

2 Chainz

Album T.R.U. Jack City

Hook: 2 Chainz

Making it work, give them the work and they’re going berzerk
Licking their clit’, don’t fuck with them clique and your dick in the dirt
Take them to work, pick it back up and I’m going to Paris
Her pussy so good, damnit she almost get


of the work
Making it work I’m making, I’m making, I’m making it work (x4

Verse 1: Skooly

Started off I was 16, trying to get it, trying to get it
Cramped up in my auntie house, momma ain’t have to place to live in
Young nigga known in the city, in the city fucking all of the bitches
Then I turned 17 started sipping
Then the all motherfucking world tried to hit me
They know I’m a rich kid for life
Now a nigga too T.R.U, no lie
Now I got goo troups, with no lifes
And they’ll probably shoot you for no


Niggas ain’t new to this shit, niggas just T.R.U to this shit
Niggas can’t do what we did, niggas ain’t do what we did
Niggas can’t do it like T
Niggas can’t do it like me or Bankroll
Pull up on your bitch with a bang roll
And I’m flexing on all of you stank holes
Pocket full of money that you can’t hold
I’m a pimp no


, and really ain’t nowhere that I can’t go
Momma told me : “Go to church !”
I told her, I love her and I’ll make it work

Verse 2: Bankroll Fresh

Show you how to make one zip, make another zip
Started out with an all zip whip
Turned the same zip whip served the all script


the profit out of that zip
Put all the profit in a shoe box
Fuck around, got me a new Glock
Fuck around, got me a new spot
Working at the park man heat hot
Trap talk got me reminiscing
Over hour renting,


For a half and fifty, here goes half a grammy
Baby come and let me get the keys and sneak in
No insurance, do the speed limit
Know a young nigga try to get it
Either you’re broke or getting it
Either you’re broke or winning
Remember in the beginning, I ain’t even have a penny
One day


Now I got plenty, nigga, looking like a ticket
Wars and the shit and they looking like a Bentley
Started out trapping and finessing just to get it


hit the pack with a live sport ticket
Nigga, who is asking ? Now I got the paky
Now I got a maky, counting them in the backy


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