They Know

2 Chainz

Album Freebase

Intro: 2 Chainz

Paid $100 for some head, nigga, Say you ain’t did it!
I know a lick at 4 mil’, nigga, Say you ain’t with it!
Now if we hit this lick, nigga, & you don’t want to split it
Then it’s bow, bow, bow to your motherfuckin’ fitted, now!
I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck!
I pull up in that truck, Pull up in that truck
I run that bitch over, call it Trukfit
And yeah I’m on my own, I’m screamin’ “Fuck it”

Verse 1: 2 Chainz

Fuck it, I’m whippin’ it crazy
I’m ridin’ the foreign, I’m doin’ 180
My chain so heavy, my brain so deadly
Type of nigga buy the watch & change the bezzy
They ain’t never seen me comin’ like this
Smokin’ on that gasoline in the VIP
They need ding-a-ling for the trampoline
Cause all these bitches want to do is jump on the dick
I hop over fence, I’m offended by co-defendants
Drink codeine for mornin’ sickness
Your dad was a motherfuckin’ snitch, so nigga, you were born a witness
Allstate, accident forgiveness
Say my name by accident, We actin’ ignorant
Doing a drive-by while you playin’ different
This that Me Time at the finest
You won’t beat me or see me whinin’
I am gangsta like the Raiders cap with a Jheri Curl on the side
I like thighs & breasts, I hide from stress
I don’t even know where my phone at
Crib so motherfuckin big, I don’t even know where my room at!


Whip so fast they say ”there he go”
Bitch so bad, man, I think she know
Turned 100 to a mill, man I think they know
Ducking on the low, man, I think they know
I think they know, I think they know
I think they know, yeah yeah, I think they know
I think they know, I think they know
I think they know, yeah yeah, I think they know

Verse 2

I think they know it, if they don’t then fuck it I show it
Blow it like you owe it, ordered a case of Moet
Y’all get to going back to back for us
All black like I’m wanted
Got your bitch zoning, send her back in the morning
That money coming, trying to stack it enormous
You niggas pussy, fucking rat on your homies
I think they know it, they know it, they know it
I got a plane that’s sittin round the corner
I got some bitches here from California
Got on my chains, I’m lookin like a dope boy
These niggas don’t want it, I put that on mañana
My chain into 100, my belt Ferragamo
Go to LA, meet the plug at Katanas
I’m still the king of my city and they know it
And I paint pictures with these words, I’m a poet
And I drop the top on my whip, and we soarin’
A 50 a check then I’m in it, if niggas stay with it then they get extorted
And I’m gone


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