We Fukin It Up

2 Chainz

Album T.R.U. Jack City

Hook: Travis Porter

You playing ? We fucking it up ! (x4)
I got me a purp on a lean dealer
Pulled out my syrup, I’m a lean villain
Smoked so much weed I don’t need any
I hang with soldiers, I mean killers
You playing ? We fucking it up ! (x4)


Strap in this bitch fucking up
Ali in this bitch fucking up
Dolph in this bitch fucking up
Skooly in this bitch fucking up

2 Chainz

I’m in this bitch fucking up
I wish Testarossa made a truck
I wish Maserati had a motorcycle
I wish all my old bitches good luck

Young Dolph

Y’all playing we fuck it up
Medecine in my double cup
Spend a 100 even with the plug
Guarantee that I’mma double up


I’m in Magic City drunk as fuck
After that we’re going to head to Pinups
That bitch don’t close til bout 6
Phantom pull up on your bitch, aye


I’m in this bitch and I’m geeked up
All about the Franklins, Aretha
Roll out a reefa, we smoke like Kohiba
Get the fuck out my house, nice to meet you
I keep it real, I am not a preacher
It’s just some shit that I got to teach you
Mob boss like Gotti people
Fucking it up we’re the hottest people

Young Dolph

Yo’ hoe up in here choosing us
She only want me because I’m up
Or maybe because I got a name
She only want me for the fame


Took a 20 turned it to a 50
I’m a menace all my niggas with it
In the strip club throwing dubs
We’re gonna show you niggas how we get it


I put your ho on the boot
She sucking and fucking me up
Then I kick that ho out the coupe
Yeah that’s some shit Greazy will do


You playing ? We fucking it up !
Fuck it up, David Ruffin
The choppers still lean out the oven
I still get the work from my cousin
We fuck it up !

2 Chainz

I’m in this bitch fucking paper up
You didn’t make enough, I’m feeling safe as a
Married the money no divorce or breaking up
I’m vacuum sealing rebuilding and taking up
Busting down scraping up, compress and making up
Bitch this the life that I’m living can’t make it up
My house is acred up can’t wake my neighbors up
Working with a digital scale and a

New Jack City skit

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