So Many Tears (Live)


Album 2Pac Live


…you don’t wanna
Uh, uh
So many tears, y’all (Shed so many tears)
C’mon, let’s get loud in this motherfucker tonight
(Throw your hands up, throw your hands up, throw your hands up)
Lord, shed so many tears
C’mon, how we started nigga

Verse 1

Back in elementary, I thrived on misery
Left me alone, I grew up amongst a dyin’ breed
Inside my mind couldn’t find a place to rest
Until I got that Thug Life tatted on my chest
Tell me, can you feel me? I’m not livin’ in the past
You wanna last? Be the first to blast
Remember Kato, no longer with us, he’s deceased
Call on the sirens, seen him murdered in the streets
Now he rest in peace
Is there a heaven for a G? Remember me
So many homies in the cemetery, shed so many tears


I suffered through the years
And shed so many tears
And shed so many tears
Lord, I lost so many peers
And shed so many tears

Verse 2

Now that I’m strugglin’ in this business, by any means
Label me greedy gettin’ green, but seldom seen
And fuck the world ’cause I’m cursed
I’m havin’ visions of leavin’ here in a hearse
God, can you feel me?
Stop livin’ in the past, you wanna last
Be first to blast, yeah, uh


Sensical shit
Ayy yo

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