Amusement Park

50 Cent

Album Curtis

Produced by Dangerous LLC

Shorty, you ain’t gotta take your panties off, just pull ’em to the side
If you wanna ride on the roller coaster baby come on and ride
It go up and down and round and round, stand up or get on the floor
It’s on tonight, I know what you like, I know just how to break you off

Verse 1

Good evening ladies, I’ll tell you from the start
I’m hoping you enjoy my amusement park
There’s lots of activities, fun things to do
And I’ll find my pleasure in pleasing you
Some rides go fast, some rides go slow
You fear heights when I’m high, hell yeah I’ll go low
It tastes so sweet that sticky cotton candy
We get carried away, we be starting a family
It’s a perfect time for a magic trick
Girl, you know it’s no fun without the magic stick
Now watch me as I pull a rabbit out a hat
Then you can use the rabbit all over your cat
Applause now, that’s the first half of my act
I started out a pimp, now I’m more like a mac
I don’t need your paper, just don’t fuck with my stacks
(Oh, it’s like that?) Yeah, it’s like that

Verse 2

Now you can ride the horse around the carousel
Explosions, Trojans, all in the hotel
Put me to the test, girl, I don’t fail
I work it out without a doubt
There’s plenty water rides, I’m sure to get you wet in the park
Have your lusting seductions considered an art
Throw a hoop around the bottle, I’ll be your teddy bear
Whatever color you like, you know I don’t care
I really wanna thank ya for attending this affair
Now go encourage your friends to come have fun here
I smile when I speak, but I’m being sincere
And your pass is valid all summer, my dear
So at your convenience you can always return
There’s so many tricks to the trade you should learn
Suck that, lick that, swallow that lollipop
Forget that grip, that ride it nonstop


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