Get Down

50 Cent

Hook: 50 Cent

When it’s on you better get-get-get-get-get down
Get-get-get-get-get down
I pull out you better, get down
I let off you better, get down
Get-get-get-get-get down, get-get-get-get-get down
When its on you better, get dow
I pull out you better, get dow

Verse 1: 50 Cent

You know it takes 7 days and 6 nights before I get right
I get Puffy then I lean on him, put that beam on him
You proably heard Ma$e tried to join the team
Cause Puffy’s too busy selling pimple cream
What Puff sell next is Maybelline
Or dance next to Joc to try to get hot
This is the quiet before the storm, the warning before it’s on
50 back on that shit, 50 finger to flip

[Verse 2: Tony Yayo)]
They don’t do it like this, concentrate on the wrists
I got see-through rocks on a Chronoswiss
I got rich real quick, now I’m sipping on Cris’
Its T-O-N-Y, G-Unit is the clique
On the back the clip, thats the hammer on the pound
So you better (get-get-get-get-get down)
I’m on the Greyhound and now I’m on the run
Cause I ain’t doing time for no damn murder one

Verse 3: Hot Rod

When I roll through the hood, man, it’s all good
These hoes get down when I show ’em my wood
Niggas get down cause they knowing they should
And when them thangs spit rounds they flow through the hood
If you’s a hard nigga you feeling you gotta prove it
I run with the Unit, please man don’t do it
Act tough now, you have to duck down
You hit the lotto last week, you out of luck now, nigga

Verse 4: 50 Cent

I get money, money I got
The strawberry deck could be the same color the drop
You can see a nigga clear when I put down the top
Sunlight hit the watch, you see the shit down the block
Anything colored VS, my shit right
My shits is diamonds, yours boltonites
I know ya plan was to fake it till you make it
But I’mma blow ya ass up, lets face it


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