Puppy Love

50 Cent


Call it puppy love, Curtis and Tisha in the tree

Verse 1

She was pregnant by me once, glad she didn’t have it
‘Cause I be paying child support now, goddamn it
Tish was my bitch, ’til she fucked my god brother
I was heated when I heard, wanted to go upside his head
It was Christmas I just bought the bitch a sheepskin kid
I was sick to my stomach nigga this is real shit
I ain’t the sensitive type, I ain’t sit’ around crying
I caught the bitch on the avenue and punched her in the eye


Call it puppy love, Curtis and Janelle in the tree

Verse 2

D’s came locked my ass up like a savage
Then came Doobie in the baby carriage
Imagine how it felt summer day pretty blue skies
I gased memorized at her in with green eyes
I’m so into you baby we don’t even got touch
That the type shit I say when I really want to fuck
‘Cause her cousin Tisha lived by baby spot in forty
Sold crack before rap so everybody know me
Chase Jus down cut his head the motherfucker owe me
Vick’s spinning, Cheek’s was the hottest rapper in the hood
I ain’t hate, but on the low I didn’t think he was good
We wore Timberland boots, Carhartt suits
You can tell a nigga paid, when his Filas shoes suede
Rock a Caesar or a fade kept a pistol or a blade
Try to flip a 62 like every couple days
I get knocked I come home it’s all a part of the game
Catch a snitch, cut a snitch or put one in his frame
It’s like every other summer I was back and forth to jail
Telling nanna Im copping out, so i don’t need bail
Just the convesary put the money orders in the mail


Call it puppy love, Curtis and Deawn in the tree
Call it puppy love
Call it puppy love

Verse 3

She came to see me on the alley, wrote me letters all the time
And I responded to the letters so she stayed on my mind
Told myself I’ma grind
As soon as I get out that paper what I’m about
After 4 months home I had the Land I shine
2 months later I copped the Benz my nine
Stay all cocked even when it’s hot, Task out
TNT on the block, make yourself get knocked
I just love ’em and leave ’em, I don’t give a fuck
I mean she didn’t give a fuck, she had a nigga in my truck


Call it puppy love, Curtis and Shaniqua in the tree
Call it puppy love, haha
Yeah call it puppy love
Call it puppy love

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