Call Da Police



Bridge: Akon

Call ’em, call ’em call ’em
Somebody better call ’em, call 911
Call da police for me, tell them it’s a case of emergency
Bum bye bye what I see your streets
Killa song boy, emcees get murda

Hook: Akon

Call da police for me, tell them it’s a case of emergency
Call ’em, call ’em call da police on me
Tell ’em it’s a case of emergency
Call ’em, call ’em, call ’em

Verse 1: Akon

Yeah, all these niggas be strapping up
But they will be the one to be running
Same nigga wanna come back me up
And be actin’ tough and be punchin’
Got a tool that’ll back back you up
And we’ll reach from here to London
Bigger than the mac mac mac 10
Say hello to master cannon
In case of emergency you need to just call ’em, call ’em
Everybody got that thing, the infrared beam
And I suggest call ’em, call ’em
Cause when I’m in black, I’m really hard to be seen
You need to just call ’em, call ’em
I blend with the night, yeah that’s right
I’m so anonymous, call ’em, call ’em
Shawty you could just call me, when you wanna come on me
I’m the one you wanna call on to, caress you when you get lonely
Now I know why you on me, baby daddy so horny
Come on right, well this bad man, even da police man can’t hold me

Verse 2: Busta Rhymes

Neighbors always call the police on me
When they hear me coming out
Cause when I spit I sound like 1000 drummers and a marching band coming, dibid dabidibi dibidibidi, hear that drum roll along with the music
Niggas always step to me and say they heard if I can spit like a drum roll do it
When I’m up and coming and I put it down my nigga then you see the police coming
Want to shut it down my nigga then you see me going hard want to count up on your fingers
They don’t wanna let me go cause I’m gonna never stop killing
And I know it and I keep it going till I really beat them in a flow and then you see me throwing
Till I got them giving me the dough see the way we do it niggas gonna be showin how to blow it
Everytime I get the opportunity that I know
Here we go again we got a number one and I’m gonna kill it then I’m gonna have a little fun
And I’m gonna drill it in your head until the parties done
If your really here well I suggest u probably better run
It’s an emergency, promise you don’t wanna go against me
Most incredible to ever bless a microphone even when they call police on me

Verse 3: Akon

Call the police, you fucking with a beast
Check my record I kill these niggas hide up in belief
Murda, murda, I did it did it in the first degree
Man down, somebody better call rere
Really got to be boom boom C
Show me what you got for me
And Verse Simmonds
Every time I come around she be popping it like 3 ladies
One me 3 ladies, all these bottles I’m faded
Woke up this morning man I just thank the lord that I made it
Got a million clothes, a million hoes
A million dollars from a million shows
I stack it all up, I spend it on clothes
And if you don’t know you on that flow
Knick the shot, ain’t it hot?
Ain’t it hot? I hear they shootin’ and somebody call the cops

Outro: Akon

Call ’em call ’em
Call ’em call ’em
Call ’em call ’em
Call ’em call ’em

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