My Niggaz

Bobby Shmurda


Squad, squad huh huh, squad squad, huh huh
Squad squad huh huh


Tell em i’m GS9 my nigga
I been less since nine my nigga
I ain’t got time my nigga
Too much money (too much money on my mind)
I just been grinding my nigga
I just want shine my nigga
Get out of line
That ass get out of line (that ass get alot)


Stacking dough my nigga, you know I fucked somebodys ho
Smoking dope my nigga, smoking dope with my bro
Never get time with a nigga, cause im always in a rush
AC like cold, fuck around and get sewed
Trap on my nigga, better act like you know
I stay strapped my nigga, thats just how we roll
I been selling crack, since seven years old
I been by the racks, since eleven years old
A g is not my nigga, all my shoes gon’ ride
Grimey’s around my niggas, we from shoot or die
Gods ways my nigga, trap way my nigga
Alright my nigga, all my niggas ’bout that life
Gun squad my niggas, in and out of brawls
’bout to go hard my nigga, but I was never soft
Im a boss my nigga, get sewed for the cost
I finna say I lost my nigga, fuck niggas are getting lost



Im GS my nigga, HB’s till’ I die my nigga
Dont get out my line my nigga, called you said nah my nigga
So why you hanging outside my nigga, and I ride my nigga
In the streets you can die my nigga, or go several


my nigga
Young boys that are fly my nigga, we gon’ be walking around with the nine my nigga
Everybody four five my nigga, shoot them in broad daylight: “Pop pop” my nigga
Gun squad my nigga, we gun brawl my nigga
Have em sipping dun down gun down man down run em down huh huh my nigga
Im from GS9 my nigga, I ain’t been little since nine my nigga
When im on a grind my nigga, got em walking around with the nine my nigga
I ain’t gotta lie my nigga, let a nigga try me he gon’ die my nigga
On sight my nigga, ima take his motherfucking life my nigga
RK my nigga, I bring that heat king james my nigga
This the game my nigga, call the shooters up D.Wade my niggas
We insane my nigga, all we do is put in max pain my nigga
What you think my nigga, leave a nigga dead let him stink my nigga


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