Chief Keef

Album Sorry 4 The Weight


I be getting money, my style these niggas stole it
I be smoking dope, bitch I’m a cupid old head
Used to be from O’Block, now I’m from that Glo Block
I still a let the tool pop , I shoot it at 4 opps
Ridin’ in a foreign, bad bitches goin’
I don’t go to sleep ain’t gotta wake up in the morning
I be up trap trap trappin’ while these niggas snorin’
Yo bitch gone pull up on me at 5 in the morning

Verse 1

I pull up like where my money why you laughing? Ain’t shit funny
Up this gun now you a bunny, boy you running, little Johnny
I pull up blingin, chain from Johnny, watch from Johnny, ring from Johnny
Everything from Johnny, I pull up bling is stuntin’
I pull up on you got that work
You want a verse, Get it first
Keep that chicken afford some beef
Might as well gone ahead get a hearse
Niggas smoking on dope, cause we smokin on purp
Boy you smokin’ on burnt, boy you smoking on hurt
Pull up in that ugly ass thing with no teeth
Hop out makin’ these bitches go to work
Pull up like skrrt, gon in the dirt
“Sosa where you going?” Bitch, goin get some work
I got verse for the high, and shows for the high
Ring-ring who gone get it first?
Pull up on your ass, get that cash
Then I pulled off with a smirk
Muhfuckers ain’t believe me when I said shit was gone get worse

Verse 2

On tracks I be flowing, weed I be blowing
Hoes I be fucking, kick ’em in the morning
Cause bitches be so corny, they is full of corn
My nina be so horny, she is full of porn
No sleep please no snoring
I blink the floor
Got cake all on the floor, I ate some more
Can’t give a bitch my time, I can’t afford
Cause I can’t tell the time in my fucking Breitling
I’m from the block, I still wear white 1s
Got so many styles, niggas bite one
Let a freak me look like
Got a watch out for the iguana


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