Ain’t Nothin’

Chief Keef

Album Sorry 4 The Weight


Been gettin’ money since ’08 summer, I been riding hunnids
That ain’t nothin’ That ain’t nothin’
I been getting money been spending money boy that’s little money
That ain’t nothin’, That ain’t nothin’
Made it out the jects now I’m on a jet
Still throwing up my set
DJ Khaled we the best
With Wop on Bouldercrest
Thats the way show no stress
Thats your bitch she showin’ stress
It ain’t nothing its a test, nigga

Verse 1:

Pull up in that wet, throwin’ up my set
Hot shit you get wet nigga, It ain’t none of that nigga
It ain’t none of this, what you want with this
You don’t war with this where ya boys is
Hit that bank on that Lloyd shit grown boy shit
Pistol knock your ass out it be on that Floyd shit
In my lane bunch of bullshitI can do it
By my pistol I’m a scoot it at your booty
In ya head now your dead nigga
Where ya bread nigga
In the field, where ya lead nigga
Yous a dead nigga
In my hand, its some bread nigga
I throw bread nigga
Where I live in the strip club
I’m the man nigga
Shawty Lo I done dun dun dun all these hoes
How we roll, we gone come through and stop the show
Vaminos where my fuckin’ bread then I’m out the door
Out ya hair in my fuckin’ whip they like where he go, aye

Verse 2:

Grandma house sellin’ dope out the back nigga
Cops coming, I run out nigga
Here they come knockin’ at my door
I be out the door with my dope and my rolls
In Iraq fuck lil Mexico
I be smoking Citgo and Texaco
Gas, premium mane you know
I let her hit it then I strech your ho
I’m like whoa
She said she be snorting coke
She want coke
I told her I be riding in them fucking totes with the Glo
Pull up on a nigga bust a move
Which one of you niggas gonna shoot
I’m ready I’m finna suit the fuck up and lace my boots
Now we finna shoot the muthafuckin’ pistols gettin’ loose


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