Chief Keef

Album Back From The Dead 3




5:49 in the AM
Birds chirpin’, neck on swim
Cut a nigga up like the shrimp
My brother in the back, he got the gat on him
Free T-Slick, that’s my rappy
Take off my Louis belt, spank ya like ya Pappy
No you ain’t gotta ask me, ayy
I knew I was real when my mama had me, ayy (Hey Mom)
Lil’ baby nasty
See her in the club, you would think she classy (Yeah)
She like my neck piece
Shorty your lil’ ass got a fatty, ayy
I’m gettin’ fetty (Goddamn)
Oh you like beef? Let’s make ‘paghetti, ayy
She wanna neck me
She say she think I’m lil’ sexy, ayy
Call my bestie (Hello?)
Ayy Ben Franklin, come and get me, ayy (I’m on the way)
Got the semi (Glatt)
Like my brother, he comin’ with me, ayy
I ain’t friendly (Nah)
But I’ll fuck with you if you fuck with me, ayy (Do-do-do)
She tried to kiss me (Skoo-do-skoo)
She a serial killer, she tried to get me, ayy
My chain too heavy (Nah)
Let me rest my neck, now I’m ready, ayy (Hey ma)
Bitches petty
Gucci by the jacket like Spinelli, ayy
She think I’m edgy
Shoot three at you, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, ayy
You really smoke reggie
Bought a watch and could’ve bought a Bentley
Don’t come near me
With all that fu’ shit, could you spare me?
LTE boomin’ in the mountains
Bitch I’m with Verizon, can you hear me?
Windows tinted, I should see it clearly, ayy
No I wouldn’t like for you to fear me, ayy
I don’t need you to fear me, just to feel me
No you won’t see me but you’ll hear me, ayy
Birds still chirpin’, foe’nem still servin’
Police still lurkin’, shawty want a Birkin
I still murk it, you probably still a virgin
The life I live make you nervous
Sprinkler still goin’, clock still tickin’
Give a nigga a two piece, spicy with a biscuit
I just count one two, three four endless
Bitches blowin’ kisses, how can I fix this?
BM told me drop dead
S-600 over the drop head
Hit your bitch up, yeah I did it, I did
Yeah I’m bipolar, I ain’t takin’ my meds
Probation officer tryna check in my bed
Blood on the money, then the check is all red
Tell IG to make my verification all red
Folks come out the cut, he feel like takin’ off heads
Smoke too much dope, won’t forget what I did
BM changed her number, I can’t FaceTime my kid
Did I hear correctly? Let me clean out my ears
She wanna give me top, while I’m behind the wheel
Late night, Jerry Seinfeld, ayy
So I picked her up, her first words were, “How you feel?”
Baby I feel like a couple million
Baby look like Barbie how she throw it off a sip, ayy
Had to get the city off the shelf (Goddamn)
Nah this ain’t no cigar nigga, but you gon’ hold this L
Get to sprayin’ S-H-E-L-L’s, ayy
Clean him up, we don’t leave a trail
Hah, the old hood is the Pale
You know I got that intel like a Dell, ayy
Chopper sing, Adele
We go home and splash him like a whale
Pull up, pull off
Faster than a Coke go flat, yeah (Drip)
I just get some on me, no gat, ayy
Niggas hoes, we all know that, ayy
We took your pack and sold your pack
Waitin’ on valet to bring the four door back, ayy, yeah
The old me would’ve stole your whip, ayy
I’m gettin’ cheese now, I won’t go back, ayy (Goddamn)

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