Black Proud

Chief Keef

Album Back From The Dead 3


DY Krazy
Yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah) yeah
Uh huh
Yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah) yeah
Uh huh
Hold up, lemme roll up
Roll up, hold up, roll up, hold up, hold up, hold up
Hold up, hold up, lemme roll up, hold up, hold up
Lemme roll up, hold up, lemme roll up


Big ol’ blower (Ha) and your daughter (Ayy)
First, you go high (Yeah) then she go lower (Ayy)
Should I go lower (Ayy)
Can you go slower (Ayy)
I’ma be sore (Ayy), big enforce
Keep that score (Yeah)
Leave when it late
Nigga get watched, I’m sure (Yeah)
Damn, I can’t find the key to my car (Yeah)
She say I ignore her (Ayy) in that order (Yeah)
But she still gone lemme get that spoiler (Ayy)
She gone cross that border (Ayy) with 10 Ps on her (Ayy)
I want that, boy
I taught that, boy (Yeah)
I want a Dej Loaf
I bought that, boy (Yeah)
Yeah it ain’t cool to act like you bout that, boy (Yeah)
Killa with a throwaway
Had to toss that, boy (Yeah)
I was born bad, boy
You broke, bad boy (Yeah)
Start letting off shots when I saw that boy (Yeah)
She was in my bathroom taking makeup off her face (Yeah)
Roll a big blunt of loud, how I start out the day (Yeah)
I was broke back then, now I’m ballin’ today (Yeah)
I’ma get the cake and throw it all in they face (Yeah)
I love getting brain but we call it the face (Yeah)
If you heard some hissing, would you call it a snake (Yeah)
Niggas in they fake ways
Be the talk of the day (Yeah)
I’m just coolin’, lil bitch
I’m off for the day (Yeah)
Court in the backyard
Bought a Spalding, today (Yeah)
Just picked up 100, did it all in a day (Yeah)
If I’m watching T.V., don’t be all in my way (Ayy)
Handed her some Listerine, bitch, you gone gargling today (Ayy)
Pull up to the Rarri and sparkin’ away (Yeah)
Make the scene very scary
Press auto away (Yeah)
Nigga, ion’t fake pints
I throw the bottles away (Yeah)
Get my line today, told her to call me today (Yeah)
It was made today
For they happy today
For some fluke ass shit
Cops grabbed me today (Yeah)
But I’m so fuckin’ fly, I be flapping away (Yeah)
Got strength like hawk
Might have to slap them away (Yeah)
One house in L.A, I can have 5 in the A (Yeah)
Do a drive-by
We driving away (Yeah)
Last night I had a dream that the sky went away (Yeah)
Create line on ’em then
They reliable today (Yeah)
Finna grab me some Trues and go grab me a bae (Yeah)
And you know it’s B.K. cause I’m having my way (Yeah)
Bad bitch, B.K
And she got her ass done (Yeah)
And she keep her hair done
Definition, flat iron (Yeah)
And her hair not damaged
She don’t know about perms (Uh)
Keep her house real clean
She don’t know about germs (Ayy)
And the shit wasn’t handed
Had to earn my turn
And I get my shirts clean
I don’t iron what I earn (Yeah)
When niggas take shots it’s like they aiming up
Baby know a gangsta need a hug (Ayy, yeah)
Walked up in the club and through a dub (Uh, yeah)
Niggas went and bought ice and have it on tucked
Niggas get to pointing fingers get in front of the judge (Uh, yeah)
The system ain’t gone show a nigga no love (Yeah)
That’s why I walk in court, all iced up
You got ice too
Welcome to the ice club (Ayy, ayy)
Bullets get to flying like ice pucks (Ayy)
In 6th grade, I got hella write-ups
Keeping it real hefty
Would you tell me if you smell me
I know I got a problem can you help me
Help me (Ayy), can you tell me
If I had to go away, would you wait on me
Do they hate on me, yeah
Do I give a fuck, not really
Seats raspberry
Ion’t trust myself, I only trust my fucking family
And my casualties
Sitting at the spot
All this gelato, got a cavity
Gotta celery salary
Finna bury my sins under the motherfucking apple tree
Ain’t finna make something wrong with me
I ain’t hitting the blunt that you motherfucker pass to me
For those who judge me off my skin
I’m young, rich, and black and I’m motherfucking proud to be


Uh huh
Yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah) yeah
Uh huh
Yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah) yeah
Uh huh
Yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah) yeah
Uh huh
Yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah) yeah

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