Chief Keef

Album Almighty So 2


Clears throat

Verse 1

She got wet when she looked at my neck
Don’t look for me unless you got a check
Told my mama that I’m gonna be my best
She said, “Do you, don’t worry ’bout the rest”
Almighty don’t like nobody
Got them nunchucks, ready to fight somebody
Glock Tyson ready to bite somebody
Baby said she quit, but now she back on molly
Designer on my body-ody-ody-ody
White lamb, Yo Gotti-otti-otti-otti-otti
Slidin’ in that Ridie-ide-ide-ide-ide
Just flamed up some biscotti-otti-otti-otti
Tonight’s a party-arty-arty-arty-arty
Me and foe ‘nem slidie-idie-idie-idie-idie
We don’t fear nobody-ody-ody-ody-ody
My K Spanish, beat like ay-ay-ay-ay-ay
She like “It’s yours” I’m like that’s mine, mine mine mine mine
Two watches still don’t have time time time time
Send them to the ER like bang bang bang bang bang
Then wave at them like bye bye bye bye bye
Pull up like president Hi hi hi hi hi
Eyes low ’cause I’m High, high high high high
They took my brothers, Why why why why why?
Foes ‘nem with the fishes, Sky sky sky sky sky
Hop in that pussy, Sky dive, dive, dive, dive
You ain’t did dick before girl? Right, Right, Right, Right, Right
You can drive my car, we can drive drive drive drive
I’m in Manhattan I’m turnt, Piped piped piped piped
She millie for ride
Slick want to know what life like
My son was two, talkin’ about fight-fight
They be havin’ the right idea, but the wrong guy
You might see me throwing money in the club
Shawty say she at the club, picked her up
This ain’t NBA, but you will get your ass dubbed
What’s dubbed? Get hit with twenty slugs
I stay thinking about how I used to be a crook
Don’t say you love me, I’m giving your ass the look
Don’t try read my tats, bitch go read a book
And when I’m lonely, bitch come give me a hug
I know you would leave me if I lost everything
Went in the mall and I bought everything
Flip-flop ass niggas they claim every gang
Why you buy that jewelry for if you tuck every chain
Hoodie says Taxi, but it’s called Helmut Lang
I got young money, I’ma call Lil Wayne
Four by four I’m looking down like I’m in a crane
You see the truck jump get out of my way
They all be fake with me, aye
You lighten up my day baby
Keep me gettin’ paid yeah
Get me some lemonade for that shade throwing
She wanna come to my place, yeah I know
But I make her wait hour long
I remember when I used to buy J’s (yeah)
Now I can eat what I crave
Them hundreds Nipsey blue
Girl come see me, fuck your dude
I’m just keeping it true
My JR name Krue
On folks ‘nem I can’t lose
I’m an animal on the loose (Ooh)
Dope give me my boost
She gon’ tie my boots (Ooh)

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