Fast N Furious

Chief Keef

Album Nobody


Paul Walker bitch, Fast N Furious
Ridin’ real fast and I’m serious
Is ya getting money boy? I’m curious
All this money making me delirious
Paul Walker bitch, Fast N Furious
In a jet, bitch I am lerious
Shining bright bitch, my diamonds are the silliest
My bitches are the prettiest
My cars are the hideous


Bitches look like monsters
Bitch them bitches look like Tonkas
I’m riding in a Tonka
Looking like I’m Yahweh
Yao Ming, bitch I’m with the Houston Rockets
And I got the rocket in my pocket, best believe I will pop it
Best believe you’ll get dropped and be rolling
Can’t tell witcha breath nigga hold it
Hear the ambulance come
I hope they can save ya, son
I hope they can save ya, homeboy
Shouldn’t have been playin’ homeboy
What the fuck was ya sayin’ homeboy?
GRA-TA-TAH-DUH-DUH-DUH, we ain’t playing homeboy


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