First Day Out

Chief Keef

Album The Leek, Vol. 2

Verse 1: Chief Keef

I’m startin’ off my day with a blunt of herb
Lookin’ myself up see how much I’m worth
I’m ridin’ down the block in this silver Porsche
That bitch already know that I’mma flirt
I’m back off in the stu working on some new
You get 8 bars for 10, 12 for that times 2
50 for a show, 20 for a verse
As soon as I’m done I’m countin’ like a nerd
My baby need some new and she get it first
I’mma be sober real soon so I need some herb
I hopped out of that Rari with that Louis bag
And if a nigga try me for it I’mma do his ass
I count a million dollars in my mansion
Hoes everywhere I got bitches dancin
Choppas in the closet pounds in the den
We got the 30’s on us meet that many men
Couple M16’s this ain’t no force
All my niggas standing tall on my front porch
I got 3 cars up in my garage
Have my niggas in yo grass, bitch camoflouge
Sosa back bitch yeah I’m back bitch
Did you miss me, or you ain’t care, bitch?
This that O shit that 064 shit
That front street GBE 3 double O shit
My shit list I’m on the forbes list
Cause I’m a rich nigga, I need a rich bitch
I got a dumb wrist hit the dumb shit
I’m on that dumb shit like where your from shit

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