Get Money

Chief Keef

Album Sorry 4 The Weight


Remember posted the block stealing Hondas
Now I ride foreigns and Tonkas, stuntin’
Remember when I ain’t have no money
Now I get money, get money
Get money, get money, get money, get money

Verse 1

I wear Moncler, Louie, Gucci I’m stuntin’
And my pants, they filled with money
I saw your bitch she want me, she want me, she want me
She on me, she on me, she on me
I like blue cheese, blue cheese with my chicken and onions
I pull ’em out my pocket and I’m stuntin’
I’m talking bout them hundreds, them hundreds, them hundreds
I’m stuntin’, I’m stuntin’, It’s nothin’
You got your Louie, where your cake?
Got your Gucci, where your cake?
You ain’t got no cake, it’s ok, it’s ok
All I gotta say, go out and get the cake
Cuz If I can make it, you can make it any day

Verse 2

I wear Nike, Truey, when I ain’t on nothing
And I’m always moving gathering something
She say I’m the only, the only, the only
But I’m smart and I know she stuntin’
Baby is it cause I’m blingin’ I’m blingin?
I’m shinin’, I’m stuntin’
I pull up fresh like I’m going to luncheon
I feel like I’m the only, the only one in here, stuntin’
And if I didn’t this shit wouldn’t be funkin’
All I know get money get money get money
That money need more I’m gon’ find it
If you ain’t getting money what you doing?
I swear I be on that money ball shit


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