Glory Boyz

Chief Keef

Album Bang

Hook: Chief Keef

Glory boyz in this bitch, we be fucking all them hoes
And kush what we smoke, thought I had to let you know
Only fucking with them bros, thought I had to let you know
Sending shots to them fuck boys, thought I had to let you know
We them niggas that’s for sure, and I bet you know
Wic City, Lamron, Glory Boyz, bet you know
Blackgate, bet you know, y’all fake, bet you know
Bang bang, bet you know, thought I had to let you know

Verse 1: Chief Keef

Bullets flying your way, like a helicopter
And we pull triggers like scissors, that chopper tear your block up
Have my niggas do the drill, and they don’t need no dollars
All they need is a full clip, I yell “action” they let it holler
You a bitch nigga go play, get the fuck up out my face
Have my guys do the drill, we don’t fuck with you no way
300 nigga that’s that, we some real niggas that’s fact
Got that bitch sucking my dick, while I’m rolling that loud pack
I’m mustard niggas so catch up, it’s a drill but you’ll get wet up
So don’t ever disrespect us, like bad kids we reckless
And all we know is drill, we train and go to kill
Get money smoke loud and all we know is drill

Verse 2: Fredo Santana

Every day I’m in this shit, every day it’s different shit
I be chasing after that bag, and I’ll be damned if I get bagged
And I’m all about that cash, screaming “fuck the other side”
And you know it’s free the guys, all them niggas better duck
It’s a drill for them fucks, I don’t fuck around with them fucks
And it’s Front Street and Lamron, Wic City that’s my team
And I slide up on Blackgate and do some drills with SD
And they told me it’s a drill so I called up


All them niggas think it’s sweet
That’s how summer they ‘gone see
All about the glory, everybody in the field
Every day we in the field, every day we on drills
And I tell my niggas it’s real, because every day niggas get killed

Verse 3: SD

Pay attention dumb fuck, we a team don’t try your luck
A couple bands up in my pants, I’mma need a belt to hold it up
Bad bitches leave ’em stuck, I couldn’t be talking get up
Rollin’ tripping out that stuff, that kush it got my eyes puffed
On the block getting money, no can’t fuck around with them fucks
Wic City they do hits, and it ain’t no telling who they hit
Front Street, Glory Boyz, keep the hoes on the dick
Fuck niggas beat a face, I keep them heaters just in case


City let em lay, Lamron ain’t on the spray
I don’t fuck around with them fucks
It’s too many reals can’t be a cake
And them hoes we shell em down, they tryna fuck I want the face
Fredo rolling up that stank, we act a jungle in the paint


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