Green Light

Chief Keef

Album : Chief Keef - Bang 3


Green light (5x)
Girl you know I get that yellow light, yea that slow money
Yellow bitch, bright white snow bunny
Bang, Bang! Bang!


Green light, green light
I mixed it up, at first it was clean sprite
Yea I get that green light, go money
Girl you know I get that yellow light, yea that slow money
Yea I get that green light, green light
I get stop sign money, kill you ’bout my money
Green light, green light, green light
Yea I get that green light money

Verse 1

I was ridin’ with my beam
Going fast, I done spilled the lean
Syrup like some Redbull, I think I got wings
Then I pop a flat, bitch this coffee got the cream
I pull up on yo block everybody wanna greet
I hop up out the car, everybody want to meet Chief Keef
But do you got the cheese, do you got the fees
Knock you out, sting like a bumble bee
Mike Tyson (Bang! Bang!)
Countin’ on this white man
His bitch gave me head and I liked it, Katy Perry
Got milk?, bitch I’m a dairy
You be telling tales, you’s a fairy

Verse 2

All I talk is money, ughhhh I’m Master P
Bad bitches on me, ughhhh you after me
Dope got me coughin’, ughhhh it’s nasty
Cause you ain’t getting money
Whaah, you mad at me
When the money call gone (Let’s get it)
At the yellow light I never go slow (Let’s get it)
At the red light I run fuck the po’s (Let’s get it)
Yeah you damn right, I don’t care if they pull me over
I hit the club fuck the line, bitch I’m Chief Diddy
Blackhawks pride, got the Chiefs with me
Boy you you know these hoes ain’t loyal, think I got CB with me
I be eatin’ all day, I got my teeth with me


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