Just in Case

Chief Keef

Album Bang

Hook: Chief Keef

We gorillas, i mean apes
Put guns to your face
We keep 30s in them clips
Shoot a movie just in case
In an all black suit, put his ass in the case
Ya’ll boys be smoking mild, what we smoke is grade A
L’s up, everyday, 2-4 just in case
What I’m gonna do today, shoot a nigga in his face
Guns filled to the max
I know you feel the bass
And I don’t wanna feel my face, pop a pill just in case

Verse 1: Chief Keef

So much loud to the head that I can’t feel my face
30 bullets in the clip, you know they can get replaced
Gorilla, I’m an ape
Bullets burn just like mace
Hit the boy, pull that cake
Don’t get shot in the face
If you run, bullets chase
Make his ass shake
And we 300 deep with them L’s in your face
The guns we be packin’
Don’t get caught lackin’
I don’t see you in these streets, Imma catch your ass in traffic
Bitch, I’m a savage
I’ll rob who’s living lavish
Like d-heads to that dope
For that kush, I’m an addict
No pops so I’m a bastard
Getting money, watch me master it
If you an op, fuck the cops
We’ll leave your ass Casper

Verse 2: Gino Marley

Yeah that Ruger I be clappin’
And I’m all about the action
Pistol toting is a habit
I’m a get money fanatic
And the shit all through the world so you know I gotta have it
Bout that bag, bout that cash
Loud smoke cause I’m an addict
Keep the coke up in the attic
Got the 30 out in traffic
Bout to bang, I let them have it
I’m not with the lackin’
No slackin’, no cappin’
In the field we play for keeps
Straight grind, no sleep
We been at this shit for weeks
Out lurking, staining geeks
And the money is a must, so it’s a must that I eat
And the guys do the same so we just have a feast
In the belly of the beast
And the rules M.O.E.: Money Over Everything


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