Chief Keef

Album Bang


Ho you know I’m that nigga, finger on the trigger
I can’t pass on a nigga, so I smash on that nigga
I’ma smash on that nigga, so I smash on that nigga (x5)
I’ma Smash

Verse 1

Know that I’m that nigga, follow me on Twitter
Two 50 shot macs, 100 shots for that nigga
Got a crazy loud affect, all you smell on me is kush
Bitch I’m rolling off a pill
Catch 8, like a hook
Man, my niggas we be swole
Ready to blow them poles
We on ready, set, go, we charge his ass like rhinos
Want beef? We turn up
Watch me shoot him in his face
Pour a four in my sprite, more loud on the way
See that kush I’ma smoke until I fucking choke
See They Got Pounds On The Smoke
He Can Get His ass polled
See I’m Chief Keef and these bitches know about me
Team King Dart Gang bitch Nigga, 300 GBE
And I’m screaming A.O.N
And blowing loud with DJ Kenn
Make a stupid horror scene
Then I’m gone in the wind
No we ain’t gon’ fight, but he gon’ get shot by tonight
I be off all types of shits
Make bullets fly like kites

Verse 2

All we know to do is smash, on a peon nigga ass
And this purple smell like grass
And that green like some cash
Smash on that nigga he don’t want to up on his knocking
Better stop it before we cock it, then go inside his pockets
We smash on niggas, blow kush on niggas
In a party off a pill, then we push on niggas
So what you talking ’bout? Have them guys outside your house
Ready to smash on you and whoever else coming out
If you smash on niggas, then throw Your Ls Up
Because these niggas know we deliver bullets like mail trucks
Nigga open this vault, or get hit with this pole
When we let these hammers go, you think it’s July The 4th
Bitch I’m out here with my hammer up
When cops come, my hammer tucked
And I’m all about my money stacks
So I gotta get my sandwich up
That smash, nigga jump off
Let the gun talk, let some off
Then fuck a bitch I got one off


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