That’s What

Chief Keef

Album Sorry 4 The Weight


What what, (what what)


Nigga buck buck (Nigga buck buck)
What what, (what what)


Knuck buck, click clack, nigga buck buck
What what, (what what)


Nigga what what, (nigga what what)
Nigga buck buck, (nigga buck buck)
Nigga what what, (nigga what what)
What what (what what), nigga what what (nigga what what)

Verse 1

You a not what, get your line white
Get yo mind right, and live that lime life
Nigga what what, nigga buck buck
Coming out the cuts cuts, shooting up trucks trucks
Crime mob knuck buck, throwin’ bows, Glocks tucked
And if it’s a problem, I swear I will pop ya
We don’t pop out bitch we pop up
Pop up with the Glocks up
Hope yo ass got the Christmas spirit, light yo block up

Verse 2

I’m a cowboy, watch me draw this bitch
With this pistol I’m a artist, I be drawing shit
Pull up on your block and I’m on folly bitch
That bitch all in my pocket, she’s a Polly bitch
I call my 4-0 focus, she’s a solid bitch
I call my 4-5 brokers, he gon’ pop you a bitch
Told that bitch what, bitch you better swallow bitch
I got rocket power like I’m Otto bitch


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