Chief Keef

Album Back From The Dead 3


Pullin’ up weed, yeah, ayy
She on my meat, yeah, ayy
Girl I’m off the leash, yeah, ayy
Clean ’em up, bleach, yeah, ayy
Where your tracks all meet, ayy
We don’t need ID’s, ayy
What’s up in the cup? Ayy
Might be Hi-C, ayy
In the VIP, yeah, ayy
Like a tree ’round me, yeah, ayy
Don’t know shit about me
Shades on, you can’t see what I see
You can’t even be by me
Can’t live up the street by me
She wanna get eaten by me
I told her she gon’ see about me (Let’s get it)
Her friends don’t agree about me
You know I gotta be how I be
You know I roll up the weed
Bitch ass nugs of weed
I gotta stay sucker free
Baow, baow
Bitch, you ain’t no police officer, ain’t no cuffin’ me
I ain’t fuckin’ ’round with custody
I can smoke weed all day in LA
Chiraq, gotta fuck around and flush the weed
Bad boy like I got Puff with me
Lil’ nigga you go to bed or you so sad
We gon’ fuck around and Usher you
Duck, duck, aim and it cuss at you
He tryna figure out the nicest way to say that we don’t fuck with you
These young niggas sippin’ on buster juice (Ayy ayy)
Baby I’m fly like sittin’ in class when you got a substitute
Extension, the big one
Like Vietnam, come get some
Come rinse some, I’ll lend some
I’ll lend some, I’ll end ’em
From a send in, a big one
From block you, can’t enter
My girl don’t like the word, “finsta”
These hoes only pretty on Insta
Free bro ‘nem, ’til I see bro ‘nem
Get your ho ‘nem, I’m with your ho now, ayy
I’m open (Ayy ayy)
Six chains, used to have a fuckin’ rosary
Know you ain’t know no solider either
Young trap ass nigga like Green Arrow
Flex on the bitch like Eddie Guerrero
She knew what it was, and I ain’t even tell her
Fuck goin’ metal, give me that green meadow
Pourin’ up in the yellow and the green letter
I’m a real Glo ass like Green Lanterns
Nigga think he one up on me, never
BM said I could be better
I give a bitch away and re-get her
Better be cool ‘fore they don’t see you never

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