What Up

Chief Keef

Album Sorry 4 The Weight


What Up, What up
Talking money what up, Talking drama what up
What up, Get wet up, Roll down the window what up?
What Up Ion fuck with bitches they set ups
What up, coming in like What up
He pull out pour that Mud up, we ain’t sippin, shut up
Bitch shut up Like What up, He pull up like wassup?
Sneak diss us you fucked up, fuck around fuck around
Get bucked up

Verse 1

State of emergency for currency
These bitches want me urgently, they heard of me
Flexing harder than Hercules bitches smirk at me
I’m getting money wasn’t used to perfect things
What up? You pitch your money it’s worth a swing
I’m in the cl-ub, flicking money it ain’t worth a thing
Got my snub try to the take my money I up the thing
Bang Bang Bang Bang nigga, watchu mean?
What up? If ya getting money fuck with me
If he hating then, he probably look up to me
I love munna, blue Benjamin’s they stuck with me
End of my story if ya talking money fuck with me

Verse 2

Fuck around fuck around get bucked up
Fuck nigga outa luck up Pull up nigga
Wassup nigga seven up ya (Aye) fuck up nigga?
Bang Bang Buck Buck nigga, come through shooting out Truck trucks nigga
And cuts, cuts nigga
We don’t give a muthafuckin fuck fuck nigga
Wassup nigga? You fuck with the Opp-opps nigga?
You be up up nigga with opp-opp niggas
On they block-block nigga? I pull up-up-up send shot-shots
At all yall niggas, I had to come up out my mansion for this
Nonsense call yall niggas, Waddup?
Come through with the rumble of the royal nigga
Like wassup? Imma Chicago Bear make you fumble nigga
Ion know wassup it’s always opps gonna slump you nigga
In other words if you fuck with me then I fuck with you nigga


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