Candler Road

Childish Gambino

Album STN MTN / Kauai

First Half

Produced by Tim Suby
Verse 1

I ain’t lovin’ these fake hoes, room smellin’ like 8 Swishers
Room service like 2K, NBA, I’m ballin’, nigga
All them niggas, fallin’ like Autumn, nigga
Talkin’ shit, I saw them niggas, now their daughter want a picture
Rough ain’t it? Fuck famous
Niggas too real, got the most haters
Wrote a story so Stephen Curry: how it feel to be golden?
Why was I chosen?
Hanalei Bay with my bae, what can I say?
I did it, my timin’ was perfect, I’m comin’, they know it
Becomin’ the last great American poet
The flow Lindsay Lohan
Tired nigga, retire nigga
My word is art like a hieroglyphic
What island is this?
Cabernet, I can smell her talk
She wanna swim but can barely walk
She ‘fraid of sharks, she’d hate my lawyer
Atlanta, Georgia, got somethin’ for yah
I’m doin’ somethin’, stay wit’ it
I sport the Oakland A fitted
Cause it’s moneyball and I’m throwin’ funny
But all the kids’ll go get it
God dammit I’m ill
I got one question for the haters, is your girl on the pill?
I’m playin’ though, but like really, really?

Second Half

Produced by Childish Gambino

Oh man
Oh man, oh man, oh man
I got a hook for this, it’s like
I love you all the time
Somethin’ like that

Verse 2

I’m the man forever
They can’t let a nigga live cause the life is better
85 everyday, why’d I bring this sweater?
I fell asleep on the beach, tiny pink umbrella
Fell out of my drink, she yellin’, “What we doin’ tonight?”
50k their first week, you ain’t doin’ it right
Young Bino best friends with the show promoters
Good year, my career is floatin’, it’s all me
Cause I stay real, the worst pain, niggas don’t feel
Cause they ain’t feel a nigga, tried to kill a nigga
But he still went stupid
Silver stones on her and the game so clueless
These niggas ain’t us
Hopin’ that I diss you back so I can make you famous
I’m just tired of haters
The AK goin’ off, sound like cicadas
We the clique all day, man I’m so Decatur
Me and Fam backstage, yeah I know you hate us
But you gotta pay us
Let ’em speak at my peak in the game for a minute
But I don’t know how
All these light skinned niggas came back in style
Ye lied to us, pretty girls at my concerts
Flow so cold so you know it was my verse
Stank attitude but I like the way she diddy bop
Puffin’ white O’s, body bang somethin’ Nitty Scott
They want the old Bino so they try to rewind
The new Bino too ahead of his time
In a couple of years, they’ll have to say I birthed a couple careers
Chances are I get your boy a couple of ears, you know it


Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh
To love you all the time
I don’t have words for this part
But I know it should sound like this
To love you all the time

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