Get It (Tightrope)

Childish Gambino


Childish Gambino, doper than twenty kilos
Feeling me no Aveeno, pardon me that’s my ego
Nigga, I’m on, my swagga on He-Man
Down for Community, these other niggas Glee fans
You cannot see me you are blind like Venetians
Eyes wide open, nigga stay focused
Batman on these niggas, I am tired of these jokers
And my brain is too expressive and your mind is on the local

Motherfucker, I ain’t playing
Ironic, I am Childish
Addressin’ all you niggas, now you motherfuckers stylish
And get me any indie song, I promise to annihil’ it
My mouth will kill everyone, I guess that bitch A nihilist

Yeah my girls are the wildest, they’re in love with a weirdo
I am so different I am Protégé, my hero
Self-made phenom, green like tree frogs
Save every penny like Inspector Gadget reruns

My name is Donald Glover
Talented motherfucker
Childish is my cover
To hide this shit from my mother
She can’t know how I’m livin’
I’m drinkin’ and fuckin’ women
And she is Jehovah Witness
And don’t believe in all this shit

But I gotta handle business, kick it like soccer
Upper-class Kit-Kat, break ‘em off proper
I am just a rapper, Sick Boy is my clique man
You are not a Sick Boy, you are just a sick man

Take some Dimetapp, yeah these hoes a dime-a-tap
‘Less you get caught by them bitches, better keep your penis wrapped
Then you are just a rapper, the sky is the limit
Don’t put nothing on the game, just put something back in it

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