Hawk Jones

Childish Gambino

Album Poindexter

Intro banter
Verse 1: Childish Gambino

My flow like Hawk Jones
The little bitty one
Hit me on my iPhone
You can text me when I’m done
I’m sicker than your grandparents honey
I’m sicker than that bitch at the end of Ben Button
Your mix tapes mean nothing
I put out albums in a week
Eat these other rappers rhymes
That is why my breath stink
You get fucked like nymphos
These clothes make niggas roll up their windows
These frito banditos
Cause they’re like chips
Cause they talk shit see me then dip
These niggas round here
They don’t let your tongue slip
Send you black and blue
Like you an African crip
My green like a weird watermelon
No seeds
And my green like a weird watermelon
All leaves
My green don’t fit in my white skinny jeans
Cause I move anywhere
So I guess I’m the queen

Yes yes I’m so Hawk Jonesx3
Yes yes Andre show em how its done

[Verse 2: Dree Dei (Andree Vermuelen)]
Whoever wanna climb this beanstalk
Is gonna find me
No I’m not a giant
But my name is An-dree
Oops I meant Andree
Add an extra “e” and the accent mark
Yes it’s Dree not Dreeeeee
He’s so confused cause he thought I was a boy
Well I got two Mounds but no Almond Joy
And all these fools wanna taste my cream
Infatuation thick like a slab of good brie
Infatuation real all they think of is me
Yes all these fucking charlies got a lactose disease
But they not intolerant
They daydream more than moderate
It’s just not a meal until you sprinkle Parmesan on it
It’s just not a get until you give all you got on it
It’s just not a cock until you pumpin’ all of your heart in it
Look at him staring at my lips
Ain’t they thicker than a pair of African hips
I thought we was friends
But he think we gone kiss
Here he comes leaning in
He swing he miss
How’s it feel to taste a mouthful of air yes
How’s it feel to kiss me knowing I am not there

Verse 3: Childish Gambino

Boy I need a censor
Boy you need a mentor
These boys need to be lead
Like they’re two pencils
Yes I’m a black nerd
It’s that simply
Call me poindexter
Or the black Ed Grimly
Girl attitude stay stank like kimchi
But she ain’t Korean and her boy ain’t friendly
Turn your girls that are friends to fuck buddies
Keep em on the wire
That’s why I cuddy
And every girl that I’m friends with wants to fuck
That’s why she waits till I’m drunk
Then she runs amok
Guess boy my name’s an aphrodisiac
Yes boy at the hotel’s where I leave em at
I am Animaniac cause I’m so wacko
Better warn a brother when you see a chick act ho
And even if she’s so Angel that she’s on Bones
No girl is so fly to fuck with Hawk Jones

Yes yes I’m so Hawk Jones x3
So why don’t these motherfuckers just leave me alone

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