I’m A Winner

Childish Gambino

Album Sick Boi

Verse 1

I’m a diamond in the rough
Everybody knows the score
Bambino on top
And them haters claymore
“But the people want more!”
And I’mma give it to ’em
I was born a winner
All I had to do was show ’em
My hoodie canary yellow
But I’m bright on my own
Most haters out there take naps like combs
I never sleep, I’m always on my grind
I never eat, unless a rapper spit a rhyme
Sick girls jockin’, haters keep hatin’
They pissed off cause I’m more Eli than Peyton
Cause I’m the underdog, which means I’m under, dog
I’m not a nigga who moves snow like Santa Claus
I’m just a nigga with watermelons instead of balls
Cause I work from the bottom to the top
I used to be lost like Locke
Haters got a shook core like Pac, get it?


Said the proof is in the pudding
The secret’s in the sauce
I ain’t gotta tell nobody why they call me the boss x2

I’m a winner (I’m a winner) (x8)

Verse 2

He work hard for the money, but it ain’t about cash (Oh oh, Oh oh)
Life’s a schoolyard, I ain’t gettin’ picked last (Oh oh)
Better think fast, there’s a pop quiz (Oh oh, Oh oh)
On which nigga get popped before his 25th (Oohh)
Y’all niggas need to learn to live, life is awesome
Open up your own store, get a house in Boston
I know it’s not easy, it takes some drive
Some niggas get desperate like the Housewives
And they only see fortune, they don’t see wealthy
You can lose a fortune, wealthy is healthy
You can’t lose wealth, it’s everywhere
The world’s made of Brewster’s
There’s millions here
But if you Richard Pryor, they having the cash you get
And hard work and hoping and your faith is set
I know the world’s tough
I was just like you
I used to eat Lay’s, now my chips are blue


Two step (Two step) (x4)
Now bounce it out (Bounce it out) (x4)
Fade (fade) (x4)
Walk it out (Walk it out) (x4)
Go ‘head (x16)

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