Nights Like This

Cuban Doll

Album Karma


All this money coming in got me feeling like it’s pay day
K for a verse ooh that’s a Tr3way
Uzi ass bitch, on point I slay
Heard these hoes taking shots better have a AK
We ain’t with the funny shit, these niggas doing stand ups
Broke hoes envy me, tell them get they bands up
Rich bitch keep a hundred thousand in my pants
He a broke boy, I leveled up so ion want your mans yea
Bitches in they feelings cause the shit that I do
Told that hoe get out her feelings he ain’t fucking with you
Cause his

that’s why he want me
Ion gotta lie that’s why all these niggas want me
They ain’t fucking you break hoes, that tank on E
So that I’m a walking check so the bank on me

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