Cuban Doll

Album Aaliyah Keef 1.0


These bitches, all you wanna do is sneak diss
But you tryna come to me direct by the DM
For all your lame ass hoes
Who scared!
Bitch, haha


I ain’t fucking with you bitches y’all some weirdos
How you gang? You can’t even come around the store
I got a thirty with a dick, it’s hanging out my clothes
I’m catching cases, shooting these bitches in the face cause they ain’t gang (Oh no)
Banana clips and extra sticks for these monkey hoes
I see you gotta go, eeny meeny miny moe
I’m Cuban Savage I just turned into a doll tho
Young bitch I go harder, then a hoe
These rap bitches mad, I’m stepping on they toes
Flexing getting this chicken, I’m eating I got plenty
I went and took your nigga
Got a gun but ain’t gon shoot me
I’m that bitch I belong in the movie
Cut these bitches off they some goofy’s
Cut these bitches off they just use me
Bitch I put myself on, I got a song with Lil Uzi
He got like thirty fucking toolies
Run up if you fucking stupid
Hanging with them goofy’s
Shoot a nigga like I’m Hago
Sippin on this Fago
Fucking with the plug, yeah my new nigga named Diego
We be out in Cali, smoking on that Bali
Opp hoes in an alley
Bunch off dead bodies dropping, mommas crying
Bitches die behind this rap because they fucking lying
This a murder scene, bitch this ain’t no suicide
Yeah it’s do or die, damn why your weave so fried?
Bitch you out here looking like Chucky’s bride
Tryna shoot a video, you ain’t got no money hoe
Tryna diss me, Hago rock with me tho
Bitch you ain’t on shit, you was only on that app hoe
Only on the gram, naked for some fucking likes hoe
Always tryna ride the wave, bitch I’m getting paid
If I go in then a daze
You just be getting fucked
I just be getting cold, he give me silly bucks
Pull up in a stupid truck, no you cannot fool with us
Ain’t no fooling us, we keep our tool with us
Ain’t no hesitating, yeah we gon fucking bust
When I see you it’s on site, but we don’t fucking fight
I’m a bad bitch, and you look like a dyke
Your brother fucking gay, yeah he be riding your wave
You a fucking weirdo, I’m surprised you ain’t doing coke
Oh, wait
Y’all probably is



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