Bad and Boujee




I be tryna tell niggas, man, you know
My bitch is Bad and Boujee
DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby
Tear ’em!


Fly hoes, get one (Ayy)
My hoes, which one? (Turn up)
I need some help, it’s hard to pick one (Yeah)
Have a threesome, tell my bitch to lick one (Ayy)
And she Bad and Boujee like she J-Lo (J-Lo)
She gon’ suck my dick while I play Halo (Halo)
Take your sister, put her on my payroll (Yeah)
I’m a handsome nigga with a bankroll
‘Fore I started rapping, I was hood rich
Used to send my package to a hood bitch
All I had to do was get her toes done
She gon’ suck my dick until her nose run
I don’t want your plug, I got my own work
You ain’t heard about me? Do your homework
Sending Boujee bitches to the voicemail (Brr)
Got them bitches asking do my phone work
And I just got me a new bitch (Oh yeah)
She bad and boujee and she lit (She lit)
She fly as hell, look at her fit (Just look at her)
Whenever I fuck, I nut quick (Ayy)
Get some bread from your bitch and go ball (Yeah)
Get some head from your bitch, I’m a dog (Rr)
Let the seat back and roll up the window (Hey!)
Get some head from your bitch at the mall


Nah, nah, for real though
I’m talkin’ bout with the shopping bags in the back seat and all that
That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby
You better tell ’em

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