Bodak Yellow (Remix)




These niggas wanna be me, but they do not have the swag
Don’t make me laugh (Hahaha)
I got off my ass and I went and got a bag
I got a whole lot of hoes on my dick
I got a whole lot of bitch niggas mad
Bet when they see me they ain’t gon’ see shit
Niggas be stalkin’ me, niggas some fags (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
I think it’s funny, huh, ready for whoever want it, huh (Yeah)
Yeah, all of my niggas, all of my dogs, get to the money, huh, yeah
It’s only been 2 days (Who?), and I ran through a 20 (Yeah)
Met your bitch on Tuesday (Hey), then I fucked her on Sunday
I’m a dog, I went and got me a yellow bitch (Uh)
She suck my dick like a peppermint (Uh)
And she got an ass like an African (Yeah)
And you call her phone, she don’t answer it (Brrp)
She blowing me up, your bitch actin’ (Brrp)
I told you, stop calling me daddy (Hello)
You know you got a nigga at home (Huh)
Just tell him I’m part of the family (Yeah)
I hit your bitch in the choke-hold
She coming back like a yo-yo (C’mere)
She busting nuts all on my polo (Eugh)
And now you know, in case you don’t know (Ha)
They bite my style, they bite my lingo (My lingo)
Hop out the rented car with 3 hoes (3)
And all them bitches, they got boyfriends
Tryna find they bitches like they Nemo (Yeah, hey)
Ayy, these niggas old (Old, old, old), Tyler Perry (Yeah)
My bitch is Rihanna (Ayy, yeah), if you mix it with Halle Berry (Ha)
If she ain’t ratchet, I don’t want her (No)
You can keep her if she normal (For real)
I fuck that bitch like a broke nigga
Put the pussy in a coma (Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, hey)


I’m done fucking with y’all on this god damn, haha, weak ass beat man, I do this shit all day
This shit hard, though
Uh, uh
DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby

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