DaBaby (Intro)




Ayy, ayy, baby Jesus
Oh, you got a new name now
Baby Jesus
My name’s not Baby Jesus
So you don’t go by Baby Jesus no more
Naw, naw, naw, naw
So you mean to tell me you not Baby Jesus
DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby


Look, DaBaby, baby, baby, baby
Just call me DaBaby but leave out the Jesus
I turned all the fuck niggas into believers
Just switched out my name for political reasons


I’m on probation but still keep a heater
My little bitch love me, she say I’m a cheater
I just made a play for five pound of the OG
You got it for low, but I got this shit cheaper
I just be chilling, prolly with my nieces
I ain’t a random, ducking, dodging polices
At the condo, I just had me a threesome
They making dinner, but I prolly won’t eat ’em
Yeah you know that I’m hitting your sister (What else)
And you know that your bitch on my Insta
It can go down in the DM like Yo Gotti
Fuck you tonight and make you want to kill him
I just found out that this bitch is a nympho
I broke her off, she said she can’t wait to get more
I let her have it, put her face in the pillow
And ain’t no rapping about shit in my intro
And I keep fighting myself feeling bad for my enemies
Fuck all this shit, nigga, pass me the Hennessy
Until it tells me, should let them keep hating
I can’t entertain it, it’s bad for my energy (Aye)


Oh ok, ok
So I, so I get it
You just took the Jesus off the back of your name
Boy, that boy cold, motherfucker
That nigga cold
And you put Da in front of the baby
That nigga named DaBaby
That nigga boy
Boy, you could listen to that shit in church
Now boy, they can’t tell you nothin’
It’s, it’s official
Grandma, grandma, his name ain’t Baby Jesus no more
Grandma, grandma, grandma

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