Ooh yeah yeah yeah
Haha ay
DaBaby DaBaby DaBaby DaBaby
That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby!


I got this lil’ bitch on the side (Ay)
She hop on my dick and she ride (Uh)
We sit there like we stuck in traffic (Yeah)
Like hold on bae, give me some time (Ay)
When you see me, you see a bad bitch (Ay, ay, ay, ay)
I don’t do them nickels and dimes (Ay)
DaBaby DaBaby DaBaby DaBaby (Ay)
Got a diaper on and he still fine (Turn up)
Yeah that’s what I made your bitch say (That what she say)
Ok they wanna play, I’ma play (They wanna play)
I just got off probation today (Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
‘Bout to hop on a plane to LA
If you lookin’ for sauce, I’m the plug (Uh)
I’m a boss, I don’t talk to a scrub (Uh)
My lil’ bitch say she fallin’ in love (What)
I told her get off of them drugs
Seven bad bitches in the lobby (Seven of ’em)
Thirteen hoes in the sprinter (Thirteen)
I bet her boyfriend won’t try me (Huh)
Pick a nigga up, don’t kill him (For real)
That’s what I had to tell my niggas (What)
Go check the numbers, I’m winnin’ (Go check ’em)
I had to get fresh for the winter (I did)
Run off on my plug in December (Ha)
Ballin’ all the way to summer (Turn up)
Treatin’ bad bitches like they normal
Ain’t no back and forth, I never argue (Back and forth, back and forth)
They done fucked around and got me started (Ay)
Don’t compare me to no other artists
Million dollar phone call with Arnold (Brrt)
Gettin’ lit, we drinkin’ out the bottle (Turn up)
With another nigga baby momma (What you do?)
I came in with two bitches (Came in with two)
And left with some new bitches (I left with some new)
I got so much sauce on me (I got so much sauce)
Don’t know what to do with it (Don’t know what to do)
That boy, he a fool with it (Fool)
That’s enough women for two niggas (Two)
Oh no, I do not fuck with no new niggas (Who)
He know I took his bitch, he like, “You did it” (Ha)
Walked in with a diaper like, “Who shitted?”
These hoes startin’ to get on my nerves (Yeah)
Keep callin’ my phone, they the worst (Brrt)
Had to put it on do not disturb (Yeah)
Now she lookin’ like, “You got some nerve” (Yeah)
And I’m lookin’ like, “You got some curves” (Ay)
Need a couple thousand for a verse (What)
‘Cause they like what I do with my words


DaBaby DaBaby DaBaby DaBaby
Haha ay
That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby!

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