Free My Cousin



DaBaby & DaBaby’s Cousin

Oh, you want to put something on a mixtape? What you want me to put on there, bro?
Uh, shit, it’s called, uh, So Disrepectful. So I don’t know, tell ’em some disrespectful shit. You ’bout the most disrespectful nigga I know, so
Oh, what kind of stuff do you want?
I don’t know, tell ’em, okay, well, look, this what I want you to do: I want you to tell-tell me about your preference in women
Ooh, females
What, you over there watchin’ T.V.?
On my mama I’m watchin’ T.V. you gotta give me the fuckin’ word right now
What’s up, y’all niggas got cable in that bitch?
Something like that
I don’t even got cable at the crib, that shit crazy
So you want me to tell ’em right now, thug?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, tell me about your preference in-
Nah, man, ayy, look look look, let me tell you back at uh, in 15 minutes when my show go off nigga
When your sh-ha! This shit crazy as hell, man
Spark up a blunt my nigga, I’ma, uh, I’m ’bout to watch my show, nigga, I’ll call you back
That’s disrespectful as hell, cuz
That’s disrespectful like that, you fucking up my T.V. show, that’s disrespectful as a motherfucker
God damn, I’m just gon’ leave you to it, man, I’ll talk to you later on, nigga, hold it down
That shit crazy man
Aight hold it down
I ain’t never heard of a muhfuckin’ prison too busy to have a conversation on the muhfuckin’ phone, man, that’s so disrespectful, man. Fuck it, leave on there Slump. Free my cousin

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