Gucci Gang (Remix)




Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang (Ah)
I’ll  whoop a nigga ass like I’m Pootie Tang (Bitch)
You  ever made a diss song? You a lame (Huh)
And if you fucking with the lame, nigga, you the same (Ha)
I’m with my baby mama at the shooting range (Huh)
I  had to shoot her how to shoot the .40, huh
On  Instagram kissing on my daughter, huh (Mwah)
Before I tell a judge, I’ll tell a lawyer, huh
Running  red lights in the rental, huh (Skrrt)
Selling pounds for cheap, come get ’em, huh
Big gelato, where you get it, huh (Smoke)
It’s different colors like some Skittles, huh
And  none of this shit be new to me (Huh)
Know you couldn’t take the pressure, boy, if you was me (Huh)
Your baby daddy rockin’ fake ass jewelry (Ha)
I can post a fake chain, he ain’t foolin’ me
I got these niggas hollerin’, “Where the nigga came from?”
Roger homeboy shot a nigga with the same gun (Boom)
Your bitch trippin’ call me by my middle name on Instagram
Her baby mama hollerin’, “Where’d she learn your name from?” (Uh)
Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang
Keep a gun on me like a shooting game (Huh)
My bitch from the hood like Keisha (Huh)
Fuck around and get buried like Gucci Mane (Ah)
I’m the hottest in the Carolinas, huh
Fuckin’ other niggas’ baby mamas, uh
I’m a good lookin’ nigga with a choppa, huh
Nigga play with me, he got a problem, huh (Boom)
Rapper niggas better check my résumé (Check it)
When I pull it out, I ain’t gon’ hesitate (Uh)
Bitch ass nigga you a small fry (Bitch)
Put me on the scale, I’m a heavy-weight

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