Number 2




That ain’t the baby, that’s my baby
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Firzt on the track

Verse 1

His girlfriend says she love me I’m the truth (Ugh, ugh)
I’m a doggie when I talk to hoes, I woof (Yah)
There go DaBaby, that lil’ nigga there a fool (Poof, hoo)
We got bitches kissin’, bitches gettin’ loose (Huh)
In a way to ain’t the beast and pussy that’s a (Hoo)
I’m on my tip-toes and she feel like (Hoo)
I had to climb about the day she had me (Ugh)
Yeah that’s the forty if you play that thing go boom
And I’ll be doggie all of these they


Don’t need no Gatorade good bitch I got the juice


Bitch, I’m shit I know I smell like number two
Check out my outfit I’m freshest in the room (That ain’t to say


see my baby, ugh)
His girlfriend says she love me I’m the truth
I’m a dogie when I tap the hoes I hoof (Yah)
They go to baby tellin’ new good if (Poof)

Verse 2

I’m boy medication in my mountain dew
Got a bitch to stay Cali in the same city snoop
But the fly out to Miami fuck my bitch in Fontainebleau
I fuck around and bought some sandals to the beach
I got some sand below my feet
I call the


Good guys just stand to see they tip
Look guys they want my bitches above
She order my dick she lickin’ my bob
Dick in the fork
Shut us the words
I hate the


nigga pissin’ his job


Pause, you do not want any ex in my nigga just copy my nigga quick act
You can get flipped like a ma fuckin match
Come and collect like some ma fuckin tax
I’m in the store with my daughter and baby
Mama get it on


think that I’m lackin’
The mama baby Jesus see they can’t believe
To see the solid nigga makin’ me up

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