Spend It




Oh yeah
Turn up!


Bitch it’s DaBaby, let me suck a titty
I like to stack it up before I spend it
I just play eenie meenie miney mo
I got some options when it come to bitches
I done hit plenty different kind of hoes
Then I just pass ’em around to my niggas
You get on the sprinter bus, anything goes
She told me her name but I ain’t gon’ remember
Your baby momma wanna give me a taste
She drinkin’ on a nigga, she wanna play
I could have put it on her but I was lazy
I got them racks on me, ’bout to go crazy
I just got in the club with a .380
I don’t wanna pull it out, bitch do not make me
I cut off that bitch because she was too basic
I’m fuckin’ his bitch because that nigga hatin’
Spendin’ that check and I get it right back
I fuck up the show and I count up the sack
I get off the road and I go to the trap
And hittin’ that lame nigga over the back
Don’t hand me your mixtape, your mixtape is wack
Man who the fuck told these niggas they could rap?
We pull up and hop out, they be like, “Who dat?”
Walk in fifty deep, they like, “How we do that?”
She textin’ my phone, she like, “Babe, where you at?”
I’m on my way home, baby pick up the phone
You know I be duckin’ and dodgin’ these hoes
They in love with DaBaby, won’t leave me alone
I’m on the highway, I just left a show
I got three women with me and you gon’ be four
Five minutes away baby, unlock the door
Don’t ask me no questions, you already know
I got a whole lot of hoes in my bed
They givin’ me head while they givin’ her head
All of ’em ’bout it, ain’t none of ’em scared
Go ask about me, they know how I play it
I got ’em cuttin’ up because I’m winnin’
She let you fuck her but she made you spend it
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, that ain’t none of my business
I ain’t had to trick on a hoe in a minute


Yeah them bitches made you spend that shit (Hey)
Spend that shit (Hey) spend that shit (Oh yeah) spend that shit (Turn up)
I heard you had to spend a check, them bitches like that (Oh yeah)
I heard you had to spend a check, them bitches like that (Ha)
That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby!

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