T Shirt




What you gon’ do with that? (What you mean?)
What you gon’ do with that? Ma, I got some good aim


Mama told me don’t go outside with them chains (Who want my chains, mama?)
I lift my shirt up and said, “Ma, I got that thang” (I got that thang, mama)
What you gon’ do with that? Ma, I got some good aim (Yeah, yeah)
They run up on me, mama, watch that bitch go bang
These old niggas sick of me, mama (Ayy)
Don’t know hot to get rid of me, mama (Yeah)
My bitch, she resemble Rihanna (She do)
It took me a minute to find her (Ayy)
While these niggas hate in my comments? (They hate)
That bitch give me face in the Honda (Yeah, yeah)
After that, I’ma send ’em back home
I need you to pray for me, mama
I hope you forgive me ’cause I ain’t been livin’ right
Talkin’ to God every day, tryna get it right
I hope my lil’ bitch don’t find out what I did tonight
If she do I’ll take her home and I’ll hit it right
I promise lil’ baby, I’m sorry, forgive me
I been fuckin’ around, I’m a dog on these bitches (Yeah, yeah)
Fuckin’ that broad right outside of my show
She told me to fuck in her car and I did it (I did that)
I know that you raise me better, mama (Ayy)
I know these bitches the devil, mama (Hey, yeah)
You told me to put on a rubber (I did)
That’s what I did when I hit her, mama
You told me to share with my brother
I’ma pass her to him when I’m finished, mama
I’ma hit you right back in a minute, mama
Kinda busy, gotta handle business, mama


She gon’ whoop my muh’fuckin ass when she see me, man
Fuckin’ ’round wit’ you
Nah, nah, nah, don’t pick your head up, keep your head down, keep your head down, keep your head down, yeah
DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby
That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby

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