The Race (Remix)




That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby


They probably should have told you I’m a dog, huh
I don’t pick up when my bitches call (Brr, brr)
Question me, acting like the law (Stupid bitch)
Put you on punishment (Hah), I’ll see you tomorrow (Huh)
Please watch how you talk to me (Yeah), tryna watch my anger
F a nigga main hoe, treat them hoes like strangers (Bitch)
Locked up in the airport, got caught with the banger (Boom)
I can take a picture but you gotta catch my angle (Huh)
Hit me with that flash, huh, they be stealing swag, huh
I only fuck bad tings, all my bitches bad (Uh)
I really be laughing, laughing to the bag (Ha, ha, ha)
Put that .40 on your own boy, shot him in his ass (Boom)
Cut off all my old hoes, I made them bitches beat it, huh
They were way too friendly, huh, like my bitch conceited, huh
I’m still Baby Jesus, huh, they call me DaBaby, huh
Made me say it four times, they like the way I say it, huh
They know I play it, huh, fucked your baby mama
She like, “Fuck my baby daddy, he a motherfucking hater”
And my birth name should be Lonzo, I should try out for the Lakers
And my last name should be ball because I’m all about my paper
I’m a motherfucking monster (Huh)
Bitches tricking on me like a motherfucking sponsor (Huh)
I put that on my momma (Yeah)
And I got me a new hoe, she a motherfucking model
I’m the type to turn her out and make her eat my baby mama, hey


And you can see it in my motherfucking face, bitch (Uh, uh, uh)
(Bitch!) I’m back on my Baby Jesus, shit, man, ayy

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