The Story Of OJ (Remix)




I ain’t with the bullshit, I keep me a burner
Feel like OJ 1995 when he be murdered
Gotta move the way, I move my daughter, need a daddy
Don’t got time to play with you ’cause I feed my own family
So please don’t play with me, I need C.O.D
When I was on the Billboard, I was selling weed
And I don’t go to California, Cali come to me
And I was on the tour, so we can go 3 songs before JAY-Z
Police pull me over then I’m running from police
Only girls I trust right now my daughter and my niece
I need me a Beyonce, a bitch to do what I say
Since everybody 1K, I’m 3K, shout out Andre
Was smoking California cookies, posted, drinking lattes
On my iPhone with the label, getting soaked up in the driveway
Swear to god


Huh, Baby, ayy
That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby

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