Too Much Sauce




Oh yeah
It’s too much sauce
Ah, yeah yeah yeah


You know I had that sauce before I started rappin’
Dropped out of college, I was busy trappin’
Don’t nobody try ’cause I’m ’bout that action
They talk on the internet, I just be laughin’
I just got that package from Cali, I’m taxin’
Pull up to my show, I’ma serve you a beat
I got it for fifteen, I sold it for three
I ain’t cuttin’ no deals and you know it’s OG
You better go ask them hoes about me
They know I’m a dog, all them hoes off the leash
I fuck ’em so good, the neighbors call police
They knock on the door, we pretend like we sleep
I’m drippin’ sauce, on my head to my feet
Her boyfriend too soft, don’t compare him to me
Song on the radio, still in the street
Still will run off with your pack if you weak
Still ride with the strap on the passenger seat
Somebody tell me why these rappers want beef
Because their baby momma wanna be my freak
Don’t speak or hear no evil that I don’t see
I keep it on me seven days of the week
Pray the Lord protect everyday when I sleep
Popped on that nigga that ran up on me
Will not let a nigga trick me out the street
I’m ’bout whatever, ask Ree and TG
Matter fact, you can go ask the police
I know it’s illegal, I still got that heat
I’ll be off probation in three or four weeks
Pull up and play me if you think it’s sweet
I’m in the bed layin’ with three or four freaks
Bitch I’m a boss, I put that on my niece
I’m sellin’ sauce and that shit ain’t been cheap


I ain’t even put no adlibs on that muhfucka
It’s too much sauce, yeah
For real
It’s too much sauce
That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby!

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