Unforgettable (Remix)




Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Verse 1

Hey, oh, you came across me on the Gram, huh? (Yeah)
Why you actin’ nervous, what you scared of? (Yeah)
You prolly think I’m worried ’bout your man, huh? (Ayy)
You fuck with me ’cause he don’t understand you
Oh, and I’m the motherfucking GOAT
Start acting like you motherfucking know
I’m in and out of town, I’m on the motherfucking road
Bagging bitches in your city at my motherfucking show
And you know I got a million on my motherfucking mind
Never get to chilling, got no motherfucking time
Took a nigga bitch ’cause she a motherfucking dime
We don’t do security, we got in with the iron
And I got these rapping niggas tryna ride my wave
I take out my partner then I leave him on the stage
I take out my haters and I roll ’em in a blunt
Lit it up and smoke that motherfucker to the face, ayy
Let me switch the tempo, like a bitch so simple
Chilling with a redbone, I think she a nympho
I give you your issue, I get me a pistol
Promise I won’t miss you, pop you like a pimple
Boom, everybody watching when we walk inside the room
I’m going on smelling like a


And every time the girl right on me, she like zoom
Zoom, zoom


And you are unforgettable, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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