Watch Out


Album : So Disrespectful


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Man its Baby, Baby Jesus
The Baby, the Baby, Baby Jesus
Yeah I believe in God

Verse 1

The Baby’s the president
I would like to represent Charlotte
And now I’m addressing my residence
I am not your regular artist
I had a condo on the 22nd floor, these niggas didn’t even have an apartment
I had a whole nother spot where I kept all the weed, had more guns in that bitch than the army
Don’t get me started
They copy my style, and my swag, and my lingo
I come and take my shit back like I’m repo
We fucking up commas like this the casino
I do the Heisman
Like watch out lil bitch you can call me Tim Tebow
My real name is John I’m the neighborhood eazo
I don’t got a job but I’m ballin like D Rose
You can’t be my girl I’m gon call you my best friend
Chocking her out while we fucking, I’m strong with my left hand
The Baby (x4)
That pussy my favorite I just wanna save it for later
The pussy so wet call it Tracy McGrady
And she wanna taste but she say I’m her favorite flavor

Imma pull your hair and choke you out
Bend you over make you poke it out
Pull your shoulders make you throw it back
Put a hickey on your lower back (x3)
She say she in love with the coco
I’m sorry I can’t fall in love that’s a no no
Please remain silent fuck domestic violence
I lock her in handcuffs, she think I’m the popo
I made her say fuck the police, fuck the police
We cutting up in them sheets, both of us going to sleep
She don’t need no makeup, she bad when she wake up
We cut up the fuse, we fuck, then we lay up
I don’t need Molly cause she make me stay up
I might just go fly my lil freak in Jamaica


So watch out lil bih
Watch out lil bih (x3)

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