Wild Thoughts (Remix)




That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby

Verse 1

I know you like the way I touch your body
Fantasizing ’bout when you beside me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
She know I’m busy, just got back from Cali (Ayy)
She know I had to go and turn up for the family (Uh)
And no, she ain’t my daughter, but she call me daddy (Yeah)
I heard she got a boyfriend, I heard he can’t stand me
Got me rolling off a pill and I don’t know how to feel
Niggas acting like they real, they don’t understand me, ah
They act like they want me to stay the same (Ayy)
The fuck you mean you don’t want me to change? (Want me to change)
But fuck them niggas, I’m stuck in my ways (Ayy)
I got off that bullshit and I got back on my wave (Got back on my)
I take niggas’ bitches and I bust right on their face (Ayy)
I call her my boo, you call her bae, ayy


That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby

Verse 2

He blowing up her phone but she won’t hit back
She right beside me, rubbing on my six-pack (Ayy)
He hit my DM’s, say he want his bitch back
He wanna pull up on me, but I’m really with that (Yeah, yeah)
Now I’m just tryna chill, I’m just tryna kick back (Yeah, yeah)
Nigga play with me and I’ma push his shit back (Yeah, yeah)
Got your baby mama and she throw that ass back
Say she wanna give it to me on the SnapChat
We got in the car, she told me let the seat back (Ayy)
I ran up on my plug and he can’t get the weed back (Ayy)
My diamond VVS’s, it ain’t hard to see that (Ayy)
I went to CVS and then I brought some lean back (Ayy)
I pulled off on your bitch and then I called the plug back
Real nigga, how you love that? DaBaby


That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby

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